How to Remove DHT from hair follicles?

remove dht from hair follicles

There is a lot of talk about DHT in various hair loss forums and the medical community when talking about stopping hair loss and growing thicker hair for men and women – the problem is, this is not really as well understood as people think.

Yes, DHT does cause hair loss when in the follicles, but nobody or very few, have ever asked, why does DHT end up staying there in larger concentrations, and also with increased age, it is increased?

It’s not rocket science – it’s simple – and already proven time and time again. The reason DHT even stays in the scalp and hair follicles is because of high amounts of blockages in the scalp – this increases toxicity of the area over a period of time – with further bad diet, and lack of exercise, this is only accelerated in the long term – and hair loss occurs faster than ever.

We already know that minoxidil works by increasing blood circulation to the scalp – but effectiveness reduces over time as the body gets used to it. So why can’t we put two and two together, and realize that simple age old scalp massage is the answer that lies between these two ideas of helping hair growth and stopping hair loss?

Yes, increasing scalp massage, will increase circulation. Increased Circulation WILL remove toxins, including DHT from the scalp and hair follicles, faster than any dumb medicine you can find online or offline.

BONUS: The very chemical reaction that makes hair fall out of the scalp, is inflammation. This can be caused by DHT, or other hormone imbalances. This can also be handled from another angle such as using an anti-inflammatory hair product – see top ones listed here.