Hair loss and Emotions – The Powerful Link you Never Knew!

emotions-and-hair-lossWe always link hair loss with various mysterious factors – but never look at the most obvious factors that stare at us day in, day out – our emotions.

There is a strong link in emotions and hair loss – not only that, but also in emotions and serious diseases like cancer – people are more prone to cancer when they are sad and depressed – in fact, some eastern medical traditions go as far as saying, you already develop a small cancer cell when you get sad – it just does not manifest large enough to ever cause a problem in the body – but can do, if that emotion is felt strongly for long term.

The same applies with hair loss; our emotions affect hormones, and vice versa – this can be proven by noticing how people change when taking steroids, and their emotions of anger are out of control.

Hair loss is associated with anxiety type emotions, or stress in another word – but it is much more than that – people in a stressful state, often over-react about situations (in their minds, not necessarily openly expressing).

Any sort of unstable emotion creates enough stress in the body to start affecting hair growth and skin dullness – this can be helped with some exercise and good diet, but still won’t fully resolve the problem.

To resolve this problem, meditation becomes a huge aspect in untangling complicated emotions – do not attempt to detangle these emotions logically – you need to meditate – it’s as simple as that.

It is known, and experimented – people who regularly meditate for 15-20 minutes a day, everyday, look years younger than people who never meditated in their whole life.

Need we say more?

Find some nice meditation music on youtube and try it out – it will help most when done twice a day.