Bosley shampoo vs Nioxin – Which works better?

Bosley shampoo vs NioxinBosley shampoo and hair products have been around for quite some time – but how does it compare to Nioxin shampoo and their own range of hair products as well as the top rated hair growth and thickening products?

Bosley Shampoo Ingredients 

Bosley’s main ingredient is saw palmetto and it has been found that saw palmetto can help block DHT in men and women – that said – Bosley is still not rated as a number one hair thickening shampoo because it still has added fragrances, and this is a major downside in hair products.

Most of these hair thickening shampoos have added ingredients just for the smell – but the problem is – these scents, such as essential oils, actually damage the hair follicle, increase inflammation and more – this is not going to result in actual hair growth results – although if they add certain oils in the products – it will make it seem the hair is thickened, but this is a temporary effect, and goes away after a few hours.

Bosley vs Nioxin Shampoo – Which one wins?

Neither win – from our studies, and based on reviews, these shampoos are designed to look like they help hair growth, but their only aim is to increase hair strand temporarily to make it look like hair has thickened – whilst this is great for short term – long term will increase inflammation to the follicles, and will damage new hair growth, and further thin the hair.

If you are interested in the top hair growth products, then please view our chart for this at our homepage by clicking here – this chart is constantly updated by our team and explains why each product and regime is listed there – ultimately – your general health needs to be worked on, as well as a good exercise regime – before you use any of these products.

The chart below is the same chart as on our homepage – but our homepage will have more details on why and how etc.

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