How Collagen affects Hair Growth Rate


Collagen affects a lot of aspects of the human body – but we know collagen as something the body produces, and not usually something that is consumed.

Many people have argued that when collagen is consumed in powder or pill form, it gets destroyed by the stomach acid, which breaks it down to basic aminos – however they miss the point that when collagen is taken in its most bioavailable form (which is beef based), its broken down version (amino acids) is in the right ratio, to produce collagen in the body.

Still don’t believe us?

You can try this at home – by purchasing a beef based collagen product from a reputable company (we won’t name brands here) – and take it for 2 weeks, twice a day – you will notice that your skin and complexion are first to change, and second comes hair growth and thickness.

Most problems with hair growth is due to nutrition, once inflammation is taken care of with correct food changes (removal of sugar and carbs in the diet is one big step amongst others) – hair growth is directly affected with the quality of protein going into the body – and beef has been found to be the most bioavailable, and beef based collagen is the exact ratio of nutrients needed for getting the results so many people are looking to get with the wrong products out there – this is a key tool to help with not only your health but also your looks.