Collagen Review: Not giving Results? Must read to Absorb

collagenaborbingpowerThere is a lot of talk on collagen, but not all seem to be getting the results that they read in reviews for collagen – no, they aren’t fake reviews, but it does depend greatly on the source of your collagen as well as your past habits of eating.

Source of your collagen has already been discussed in previous posts here, and we discussed that there are many types of collagen, and that beef based collagen is the best type to buy – any other is inferior.

Now for the results variations in reviews – some say amazing things, some say things that make collagen sound like another snake oil – and then only to add, that collagen gets destroyed in the stomach, and so is useless in the body – which is partly true, but it’s not useless; and CAN bring results for people looking to improve their hair and skin.

Our absorption rates for nutrition decreases as we age, and can be improved by taking certain vitamins, and also regularly going on a detox diet, fasting, as well as certain teas (several methods are good) to clean the stomach lining – so if you have been taking beef collagen, and did not see as good results as people claim – then we suggest drinking a glass of orange juice, or a Vitamin C supplement along with it – this not only increases your absorption capacity, but also is used in skin renewal – and works as a good teammate for collagen.

Does collagen get destroyed in the stomach?

Yes it does get broken down in the stomach – but the bioavailability of it, in the correct ratios, allows the body to quickly make collagen faster and better than just eating normal food – and this is why supplementing from this is greatly beneficial for skin, hair and bone health – you can also drink bone soup/broth regularly, as this is rich in collagen too!