Detox to get younger, and thicker hair

youthful glow how to get

During our teenage years, it seems the youthful glows will never end, but as time goes on, some of us wonder if it only goes downhill from that point onwards.

The truth is, that you can maintain your youthful glow and looks till much older years than you can even imagine, problem is, it hasn’t been done in front of you, in your life experience, so you assume that is something not possible.

Think of it like a car, that can be maintained looking brand new for even a thousand years if taken care of – but the problem is, how do you do it?

Many people have buried their cars in sand, or left aircrafts in the middle of the desert to preserve it – but we know that this is not something that works – especially for humans.

One scientist described taking care of the human body as “oiling the car engine regularly, everyday, to keep it brand new“. This is done on a daily basis, kind of like dusting the house; you don’t see dust the next day, but if you don’t dust regularly, then it gets huge to the point that it may not be possible to restore it to the original state.

The human body is like that too – you can maintain the hair, skin and youthful glow till your old age, but you must do a regime on a daily basis, without skipping days.

This means keeping good hygiene, eating high amount of nutrition, keeping all organs moving and working (exercise), and lastly but not least, to detox regularly.

Detox is important for all conditions and general youthful looks, including keeping thicker hair, or regrowing thicker hair growth.

To find out the most effective ways to detox the body, for hair growth, click here and read on.