Collagen Review: Not giving Results? Must read to Absorb

collagenaborbingpowerThere is a lot of talk on collagen, but not all seem to be getting the results that they read in reviews for collagen – no, they aren’t fake reviews, but it does depend greatly on the source of your collagen as well as your past habits of eating.

Source of your collagen has already been discussed in previous posts here, and we discussed that there are many types of collagen, and that beef based collagen is the best type to buy – any other is inferior.

Now for the results variations in reviews – some say amazing things, some say things that make collagen sound like another snake oil – and then only to add, that collagen gets destroyed in the stomach, and so is useless in the body – which is partly true, but it’s not useless; and CAN bring results for people looking to improve their hair and skin.

Our absorption rates for nutrition decreases as we age, and can be improved by taking certain vitamins, and also regularly going on a detox diet, fasting, as well as certain teas (several methods are good) to clean the stomach lining – so if you have been taking beef collagen, and did not see as good results as people claim – then we suggest drinking a glass of orange juice, or a Vitamin C supplement along with it – this not only increases your absorption capacity, but also is used in skin renewal – and works as a good teammate for collagen.

Does collagen get destroyed in the stomach?

Yes it does get broken down in the stomach – but the bioavailability of it, in the correct ratios, allows the body to quickly make collagen faster and better than just eating normal food – and this is why supplementing from this is greatly beneficial for skin, hair and bone health – you can also drink bone soup/broth regularly, as this is rich in collagen too!


How Collagen affects Hair Growth Rate


Collagen affects a lot of aspects of the human body – but we know collagen as something the body produces, and not usually something that is consumed.

Many people have argued that when collagen is consumed in powder or pill form, it gets destroyed by the stomach acid, which breaks it down to basic aminos – however they miss the point that when collagen is taken in its most bioavailable form (which is beef based), its broken down version (amino acids) is in the right ratio, to produce collagen in the body.

Still don’t believe us?

You can try this at home – by purchasing a beef based collagen product from a reputable company (we won’t name brands here) – and take it for 2 weeks, twice a day – you will notice that your skin and complexion are first to change, and second comes hair growth and thickness.

Most problems with hair growth is due to nutrition, once inflammation is taken care of with correct food changes (removal of sugar and carbs in the diet is one big step amongst others) – hair growth is directly affected with the quality of protein going into the body – and beef has been found to be the most bioavailable, and beef based collagen is the exact ratio of nutrients needed for getting the results so many people are looking to get with the wrong products out there – this is a key tool to help with not only your health but also your looks.

Renewal and Detox – Essential for staying Youthful


We often talk about staying youthful in various forms – not because we want to portray that teenage or younger life is better quality – but the fact that we can stay just as energetic – but it takes work, and a lot of discipline and change in lifestyle – it then boils down to the basic question, how much work are you willing to do to get the results you want?

It doesn’t matter whether you are 35 or 65 – you can renew the body – but you haven’t been taught how, if it’s even possible, and to what extent.

Obviously the scope of this article is limited – so we can help you go towards that direction – and the basic essential we need for this, is to detoxification of the body.

Why detox?

They always talk about detox – especially the new age generation, but the reasons are never seemingly justified or understood fully.

Detox is essential because our liver, kidneys and arteries are essential to keeping the body youthful and supple – but builds up toxins for whatever reason (bad foods, overeating, exposure to chemicals and so on).

Detox is important because hormone imbalances can be helped with detox – toxins in the liver for example, can keep an abnormal imbalance, which can be prevented and sometimes corrected by simply detox.

How do toxins get into the body? and what exactly are they?

Toxins are anything that the body cannot handle – in terms of food, it is too much of a certain food – in terms of lifestyle, it can be bad exercise (or lack of) regimes.

Detox juice diets?

You must have heard of juicing diets – and we have to warn people about this as this is not ideal for long term (more than 2 weeks) and is not the most effective for cleansing the body at all.

What methods are best for detox?

There are a lot of methods of detox – one of them is taking small amounts of diluted organ fruit based vinegar – only 30cc vinegar (with some water) per day , after a meal, is enough (any more will not do the same effect, and can damage the body) – this can be used long term.

This doesn’t mean you will suddenly turn into your teenage age and jump up and down – you will get energy, and you will get more clarity – it will also clear kidney and bladder stones, and break them down – but yes, combined with exercise, and proper nutrition (red meat and leafy greens to build your system especially if you are over 40 – collagen supplement, B-complex vitamins).

Healing is a part body, nutrition, lifestyle, but 50% of it is your own intention to really want to heal, and how far will you go to do this – how much do you want to live and feel alive – these questions sound dramatic, but they are essential questions when you want to get out of the rut. By simple adjustment of thoughts, it can affect the way you carry yourself, as a victim that has been beat up by life, or a full of life warrior with scars to show his experiences and determination in his/her eyes to move forward and live more and experience more.


Being Young in life using Natural Methods of Renewal

staying young in life Being young (biologically) and being young in time has two different meanings in science – you could still be biologically young, but age-wise, you have lived many years than a teenager – but this concept is not talked about as much in today’s time for whatever reason (among the fact that very few people pay enough attention that this is something that exists).

Speaking of attention – let’s talk about awareness before we get into youthful methods, because awareness is the key that unlocks your doors to your own physical healing and growth as a human being – I recently was forced to do a speeding course (where if you are caught speeding by UK police, they make first time offenders do) – and the whole course was a painful 4 hours long with only a 15 minute break – but the point of the course was, to create awareness, and the more awareness they created on obstacles and reasons why there are speeding limits on certain roads, and speeding cameras is not as obvious  – and they explain it in great detail (Yes, I thought, how boring at first, but they did point out very important areas which i was not aware of).

Besides the speeding, it made me realise, how our lives can change dramatically, if only we had more awareness of things around us, and within our own bodies – what foods affect us in what way – for example, if a food makes you feel lazy and sleepy afterwards, do you think that food is really that good for you? and if you eat and feel energized and wanting to do things, don’t you think that food is very good for you? (no, we’re not talking about drugs that make you hyper).

So if you increase your awareness on just foods and exercise in this manner – and try to understand the logics behind certain diets – such as the protein diet that we often talk about here (where you eat only lean meats, and spinach and kale) for certain purposes and renewing the body’s hormone system as well as building the nervous system – imagine how far you can go with reversing biological aging (which is possible, and has been done so many times, there is no need for scientific studies, as this is something as obvious as breathing keeps you alive kind of thing).

Nutrition and exercise as well as emotional well being are the three secrets to keeping a healthy, biologically young looking body – and there is nothing wrong with wanting that – as this is what improves your quality of life – altho this isn’t the only way – there are people who focus on organ health solely, and don’t care if their hair is gone or skin is not bright and glowing like they were as a teen – although to some extent, internal health will manifest externally.

How do you Know if Hair Loss is Nutrition Related?

nutrient absorption hair

You would be surprised at how many people have nutrient and diet based hair loss compared to genetic hair loss – The image above is a diagram of how nutrients are absorbed for your reference as we talk about this subject.

Yes, genetic hair loss is hard to overcome – and as of yet, we don’t have an exact way of dealing with it – but many people who have worked on resolving their hair loss issues, have significantly slowed down their hair falling out and shedding phases and managed to keep the hair that remains – some argued that this is simply because genetics allowed the hair to stay – but this is not how genetics works.

Genetics works based on your diet and lifestyle choices as well – if you maintain a certain body part or organ better using those outside factors, then yes, someone who is predispositioned for hair falling in their 20s will be able to delay it till their 50s or 60s – but since the exact science of this is not understood, many western doctors are legally obliged to state that their is no way – since they want to avoid legal action – in reality, this is a grey area, as we have seen great results in many people who have learnt to adjust their lifestyle.

This means that most people who have hair loss, always have a nutrient absorption problem, or the fact they simply are not eating the right nutrients to even be absorbed.

So for those who are not sure – here is a list of things you need in your body for hair growth as well as general health well being:

  • Collagen (Supplementation and foods like bone broth)
  • Biotin (Supplement and food)
  • COQ10 enzyme (Supplement)
  • Protein (Beef and red meat based)

The foods to avoid will be as following:

  • Sugars
  • Natural Sugars
  • Fats
  • Natural Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Processed foods (in cans, or boxes like cereals)

The above foods are detrimental to any hair loss regime – and should be avoided for at least a period of 3 months – after which, they can slowly add some of it, for a balanced lifestyle – but this really should be a full lifestyle change, rather than a period of dieting, as this won’t work otherwise.

The best thing about this diet is – you get to look years younger if combined with a healthy exercise program suitable for your body type and needs – some people who don’t exercise even 1 day a week will need to up their game – other will need to find other ways of exercising as only one type or style of exercise could simply be not as effective.

Now if you have an absorption problem – you are eating all the above, but you still feel like hair is falling – then you need to detox. And make it a lifestyle habit of detoxifying regularly using foods, avoiding foods such as the following:

  • Fasting (no foods all day for a specific amount of time)
  • Bone Broth Fasting (eating only bone soup for up to 2 weeks with no other foods – this renews the stomach lining and increases absorption x 10)
  • Epsom Salt baths (30 minutes of epsom salt baths help detox the body)
  • Emotional calming methods like meditation should also be done as they contribute to hormonal detox

If you find this article helpful, please do share it with family and friends to spread the message.