How to Remove DHT from hair follicles?

remove dht from hair follicles

There is a lot of talk about DHT in various hair loss forums and the medical community when talking about stopping hair loss and growing thicker hair for men and women – the problem is, this is not really as well understood as people think.

Yes, DHT does cause hair loss when in the follicles, but nobody or very few, have ever asked, why does DHT end up staying there in larger concentrations, and also with increased age, it is increased?

It’s not rocket science – it’s simple – and already proven time and time again. The reason DHT even stays in the scalp and hair follicles is because of high amounts of blockages in the scalp – this increases toxicity of the area over a period of time – with further bad diet, and lack of exercise, this is only accelerated in the long term – and hair loss occurs faster than ever.

We already know that minoxidil works by increasing blood circulation to the scalp – but effectiveness reduces over time as the body gets used to it. So why can’t we put two and two together, and realize that simple age old scalp massage is the answer that lies between these two ideas of helping hair growth and stopping hair loss?

Yes, increasing scalp massage, will increase circulation. Increased Circulation WILL remove toxins, including DHT from the scalp and hair follicles, faster than any dumb medicine you can find online or offline.

BONUS: The very chemical reaction that makes hair fall out of the scalp, is inflammation. This can be caused by DHT, or other hormone imbalances. This can also be handled from another angle such as using an anti-inflammatory hair product – see top ones listed here.


Renewal and Detox – Essential for staying Youthful


We often talk about staying youthful in various forms – not because we want to portray that teenage or younger life is better quality – but the fact that we can stay just as energetic – but it takes work, and a lot of discipline and change in lifestyle – it then boils down to the basic question, how much work are you willing to do to get the results you want?

It doesn’t matter whether you are 35 or 65 – you can renew the body – but you haven’t been taught how, if it’s even possible, and to what extent.

Obviously the scope of this article is limited – so we can help you go towards that direction – and the basic essential we need for this, is to detoxification of the body.

Why detox?

They always talk about detox – especially the new age generation, but the reasons are never seemingly justified or understood fully.

Detox is essential because our liver, kidneys and arteries are essential to keeping the body youthful and supple – but builds up toxins for whatever reason (bad foods, overeating, exposure to chemicals and so on).

Detox is important because hormone imbalances can be helped with detox – toxins in the liver for example, can keep an abnormal imbalance, which can be prevented and sometimes corrected by simply detox.

How do toxins get into the body? and what exactly are they?

Toxins are anything that the body cannot handle – in terms of food, it is too much of a certain food – in terms of lifestyle, it can be bad exercise (or lack of) regimes.

Detox juice diets?

You must have heard of juicing diets – and we have to warn people about this as this is not ideal for long term (more than 2 weeks) and is not the most effective for cleansing the body at all.

What methods are best for detox?

There are a lot of methods of detox – one of them is taking small amounts of diluted organ fruit based vinegar – only 30cc vinegar (with some water) per day , after a meal, is enough (any more will not do the same effect, and can damage the body) – this can be used long term.

This doesn’t mean you will suddenly turn into your teenage age and jump up and down – you will get energy, and you will get more clarity – it will also clear kidney and bladder stones, and break them down – but yes, combined with exercise, and proper nutrition (red meat and leafy greens to build your system especially if you are over 40 – collagen supplement, B-complex vitamins).

Healing is a part body, nutrition, lifestyle, but 50% of it is your own intention to really want to heal, and how far will you go to do this – how much do you want to live and feel alive – these questions sound dramatic, but they are essential questions when you want to get out of the rut. By simple adjustment of thoughts, it can affect the way you carry yourself, as a victim that has been beat up by life, or a full of life warrior with scars to show his experiences and determination in his/her eyes to move forward and live more and experience more.


Nettle Leaf Extract: How it Really Works for Hair and Beauty

nettle leaf extract for hair growth

Nettle leaf has been used in herbal remedies or solely as a single remedy for a long time – and there seems to be a lot of information on hair growth and nettle leaf extract correlation – but very few websites actually talk about how it actually works; infact, no website we have seen even referred to why it helps, other than possible DHT blocking.

Yes, there is a lot of evidence stating it blocks DHT, or helps reduce it and create healthy levels of hormones in the body, but new studies are now suggesting that it does this differently than previously thought.

It seems that, when Nettle leaf extract is consumed regularly, it helps cleanse and detoxify the Liver, and then, Kidneys over time.

This is significant – as we already know that the Liver is in charge of cleaning the body from toxins; this means from toxins we eat, but also toxins we create internally, such as excess hormones which need to be removed and no longer required. (Please note, definition of a toxin is, anything that the body is no longer able to handle, generally anything in excess).

We already discussed how detox is important for youthful looks and thicker hair in our previous article here but we did not talk about to what extent it is, and how to actually detox properly; and the answer is, nettle leaf extract (in liquid form).

How do you take Nettle leaf extract?

This can be taken 2 teaspoons everyday, diluted in warm water (to evaporate the ethanol). This will work over a longer period of time, but people have seen results within days of taking it in their mood and elevated levels of energy (due to detox, allowing higher capacity of the liver to function).