Can Detox help with growthing hair thicker and faster?

hair growth and detoxDetox is one of the few very long termed hyped things about health, which very few people understand to an effective extent – does detox help with hormone balancing? hair thickening? hair growth speeds and more? And if it does, how does it, and what types of detox is best for people looking for results in something of this area.

The answer is in the question – otherwise there won’t be a new blog post for us to even write on and we would just have a picture of a nice looking lady or guy and that would be it – but let’s get into this.

Detox for most people will help grow thicker hair, speed hair growth AND balancing hormones in the body (for men and women) – but before we get into hair, how on earth does detox help with hormones anyway?

Detox of the liver and kidney, helps remove hormones that were supposed to have been disposed, but could not, and were being clogged in the kidneys (we have simplified the english to make it easy for everyone to understand) – these clogged hormones make the hormone glands act weird, making them think there is already a certain type of hormone in the body, so they should excrete hormones differently – causing an imbalance simply because the hormones “stuck” in the liver and kidneys, act as if they are already still present in the body (which they are).

This is a big thing – so if you detox the liver and kidneys – you can remove these excess garbage which was meant to be disposed off – and get a fresh start – this is ONLY part of the benefits of detoxifying (make sure you know how by reading this post).

Yes, indeed hair and hair growth speed will increase from this – not only will detoxing will unblock vessels to allow more nutrient flow, but also allow regeneration of hair follicles due to more blood flow.