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Nioxin Review was formed after David B. Scott used the shampoo line to help with his hair condition of thinning over time. It helped him understand, that just a shampoo is not enough, but also that the wrong type of shampoo can actually cause more harm than good for hair growth and at least, in halting hair loss.

It is known that there is no exact cure for hair loss; but there are ways to stop it, and possibly regrow hair, if enough things are done to do it. This means a regime of hair growth, taking conscious decisions for everything you do in life in relation to your hair – from emotions and their stability, to products you use on skin and scalp, as well as supplements you take and the food you eat.

You can learn about the top products here, and the methods on this blog page. All free information, and not subsidized by any company – the ratings that we do are strictly based on our experience, the founder, and the people who have helped him get this far with the knowledge for hair care.