Hair loss causes in Women – 5 Things You Did Not Know

female hair loss causesHair loss causes in women are different to hair loss causes in men or even children; although the hormones can affect both genders, the reasons for each, is different and often more complicated than it seems at first.

The reasons for hair loss in women can be as follows:

  1. Hormonal fluctuations: Women have monthly cycles which affect hormones. When this is in a great imbalance, this can greatly be taxing on the hair and also the skin. To resolve or help this, significant dietary changes must be done – key ingredient to remove is sugar and fats (unless you are seriously under-weight) – exercise to mild level is what would help this in the long term.


2. Emotional Trauma: Women are centered in their emotions more than men are (although this is not an absolute truth) – and emotional instability can have a serious affect on the hair and skin; this is done by the fact that it affects hormones as well as nerves of the body – and this will cause serious rates of hair to fall, in both men and women – but especially women. Meditation for 30 minutes per day, will help resolve this, and iron out the problems – it soothes nerve stress, be it emotional or anything else.


3. Nutritional Requirements: There are basic nutritional requirements for all humans, but women tend to have higher requirements; with age, over time, the stomach does not absorb the same nutrients that you eat – even if you eat a healthy diet, you may not be absorbing them due to your past patterns of emotions and bad eating habits.; this can cause hair thinning and skin problems – to fix this, you increase nutritional intake – you do this by first going on a detox by fasting. The other thing you can add to this, is to eat nothing but quality grass fed bone broth for a week – this is high in nutrients and has enough calories – it also helps renew the stomach in a way, that it learns to re-absorb the nutrients at a higher level than you normally did – one of the best youth increasing methods ever, let alone for hair growth.



Nioxin Reviews Side Effects – Must Read Before Buying

There is a lot of talks about Nioxin side effects, and if it has any cancer causing ingredients to be worried about – in this day and age, it seems even breathing causes cancer.

The truth is, most of the shampoos that are out there, with fragrance, and other chemical ingredients, always are against the hair growth process – this is because shampoos like Nioxin like to make hair strands appear thicker, sort of like makeup for hair – but this only makes it appear it is thicker, but not actually thicker – long term use of this causes inflammation, and long term inflammation may cause cancer, and also make hair growth thinner in the long term.

What is inflammation in terms of hair loss?

inflammation and what it does for hairInflammation is an act the body does in various situations – and it can occur in many situations.

The most common way that it occurs is by dietary and lifestyle choices by people today – usually high carbs and sugar diets which increase inflammation, as well as lack of exercise and movement (people always on the computer with hardly a 30 minute walk, are sure to have inflammation problem at some level or another).

The truth is that the human body is not designed for staying still – and inflammation occurs easily when this is not done. The maximum time the body can stay without getting inflamed or oxidized, is 20 minutes. So this is why it is important to have an active lifestyle, constantly moving.

Is inflammation all the problem there is for hair loss?

Not really – inflammation is just one problem.

The other main problem is anxiety and stress. This is a bigger problem in many ways, as some people have adjusted to this level of stress and anxiety, that they aren’t even aware that they are this stressed in the first place!

There are many ways to handle anxiety and stress – and taking supplements of B complex, as well as intense exercise 4 times a week can help a lot – but not only that, but the mind frame and view of how to handle anxiety.

Anxiety often comes from problems of the future – perceived problems that have not even occurred. The mind gets accustomed to thinking this way, and results in permanent level of nerve stress being fired from the brain – this exhausts the system, and the first thing to go is hair and skin quality.

Emotional balance is more important today, than it ever was – whilst it is under-rated in terms of looking at physical well being. But it is a major aspect in hormone and inflammatory responses of the body – recent studies have shown this and proven it beyond concept.