What Does Nioxin do? All Nioxin Systems Compared and Explained

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Nioxin has created a program to treat hair that has become thinner – we look into what each one is, and how is it different. Nioxin recognizes that there are different types of hair and has designed multiple systems within the program to treat those different types of hair.

Nioxin has created six systems to treat thinning hair (or the appearance of thinning hair, and not necessarily thickening hair growth). Each system has the same three steps, with each system getting a unique combination of technologies to help with a certain type of hair. The three steps for each Nioxin system are: Cleanser, Scalp Revitalizer, and Scalp Treatment. There are five technologies used in the system: BioAMP, Scalp Access Delivery System, Activ-Renewal, Transactive Delivery System, and Glyco-Shield.

The Cleanser removes dirt and oils from the scalp and the hair. These contaminates will clog the follicles and damage the hair, making it brittle.

The Revitalizer conditions the hair and moisturizes the scalp while protecting the scalp from chemicals.

The Scalp Treatment increases the thickness of each hair strand and strengthens the hair (at least visually, not actually). This thickening of each hair gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

The technologies listed above are used for two different effects; strengthening the cuticles and cleaning the scalp. There are three technologies that will strengthen the cuticle of the hair: BioAMP, Activ-Renewal and Glyco-Shield. There are two technologies that will clean the scalp: Scalp Access Delivery System and Transactive Delivery System.

There are six systems of Nioxin to accommodate different types of thin hair.

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Nioxin system 1

System 1 uses BioAMP, Transactive Delivery System and Activ-Renewal to work on normal hair that has only begun to thin and has no chemicals in it. This system will give the hair a fuller look, and make the hair stronger and less likely to break.

Nioxin system 2

System 2 uses BioAMP, Activ-Renewal and Scalp Access Delivery System to work on normal hair with no chemicals, and is noticeably thinning. System 2 gives this hair a stronger treatment to make the hair look fuller, and gives the hair more resistance to damage.

Nioxin system 3

System 3 uses BioAMP, Glyco-Shield and Transactive Delivery System to work on normal hair that has only started to thin, but has been chemically treated. Chemical treatments tend to dry hair. System 3 will make the hair thicker while adding moisture.

Nioxin system 4

System 4 uses BioAMP, Glyco-Shield and Scalp Access Delivery System to work on normal hair that is noticeably thinning, and has been chemically treated. System 4 uses a stronger treatment for the hair that is extra thin. It has added moisturizing agents to help the hair dried out by chemicals.

Nioxin system 5

System 5 uses Glyco-Shield, Transactive Delivery System to work on medium-to-coarse hair, with or without chemicals, that has only started to thin. System 5 thickens the hair, and adds moisturizer since the medium and coarse hairs, with or without chemicals, is drier.

Nioxin system 6

System 6 uses Glyco-Shield, Scalp Access Delivery System to work on medium-to-coarse hair, with or without chemicals that is noticeably thinning. System 6 has a more powerful treatment for the thinner hair, and moisturizers for the dry hair, whether the hair has chemicals in it or not.

Nioxin system differences explained

Nioxin products do not stimulate empty hair follicles into new growth. The hair looking fuller occurs by causing the hair shafts to thicken. The chemicals causing the thickening will wear off and the hair will then return to its’ previous state as it grows out. A new application of the proper system will be needed to make the hair fuller again. This repetition has its’ own problems since long term use of these systems can cause inflammation of the scalp. This inflammation will cause the hair to grow more slowly, working against the goal of thicker hair growth, and regrowth of hair.

Does Nioxin help regrow hair?

The answer to this is no – as this is not designed for actual regrowth as explained above; it is only an artificial hair make-up, which changes the appearance of the hair strand, but long term use, will not help with hair growth and those using natural methods of hair growth and thickening (as well as speed of hair growth).

What other things that you can do for helping hair growth and regrowth or even speeding up hair growth?

Hair growth is a complex process in the sense of trying to grow more hair, or thickening hair – this is why a regime of hair growth is needed. This should include scalp massage everyday for 20 minutes; it also should include a sugar free diet, and exercise plan; and last but not least, a powerful product that can help you accelerate the process (see list here).